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Privacy: Homexam does not sell your e-mail address to anyone. However, we may occasionally provide your business mailing address to those who are selling inspector-related products, and occasionally we may give your e-mail address to an associate known to us to provide products or information that we believe you may be interested in receiving. 

Returns: Homexam replaces damaged goods or goods that have been lost in transit. Occasionally, materials purchased from Homexam can be returned for a refund (please call us to discuss individual orders).

Refunds for undamaged goods incur a re-stocking fee of 15% plus Homexam's original shipping costs, including warehouse fees paid by Homexam for the original shipping..

Refunds are not available for files that have been downloaded. Because training materials can be previewed (please call for a $10 preview disk of any training CD set that you are not sure you want), refunds generally are not available for training materials.

Resale of Homexam materials: You are permitted to resell any Homexam items provided that you inform your buyer that these materials are not being provided directly by Homexam.

Regular shipping: Most materials ship either from Kansas or California. We try to get shipments processed within one working day, and, hopefully, they'll be given by the warehouse to the carrier within 2 days after the order is processed. However, we cannot promise this speedy shipping. PLEASE ALLOW 6 WEEKS (orders get lost in transit, damaged, bad weather or labor strife slows some shipments, etc.). If you are a home inspector, please order early so that you won't run out of books.

Rush shipping: Most rush shipping requires a trip to either a UPS shipping point or to a U.S. Post Office. Therefore, if you need 3-day service (or faster), Homexam charges $10 for the additional labor time and trip, in addition to the shipping costs (which can be very expensive). We really prefer NOT to charge you $10 more, plus shipping, so please do yourself and us a favor by ordering 6 weeks in advance.

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