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Homes are more complicated than ever. With your health, welfare, and financial future at risk, isn’t it prudent to invest $39.50 to learn how to care for it? When you get our encyclopedic home-operations manual, keep it handy and refer to it often. Paper version: 400 pages, more than 1000 monochrome graphics. Large-print CD version with large color graphics, about 1800 pages.

Read what the experts say about our book, The User-Friendly Home

Only $39.50 includes shipping: Order the paper version and you’ll get the CD version too (with full-color pictures). Read about our policies. You can order by calling 800-654-4511 or by clicking the secure Paypal button below. Inspectors: When prompted for a note during PayPal's ordering process, please let us know if you want ads, price lists, etc., included in the package that we mail to you.

An inexpensive option: No 3-ring binder, but 3-hole punched in shrink wrap - not paperback, without CD electronic version: $29, including free shipping. Inspectors: When prompted for a note during PayPal's ordering process, please let us know if you want Homexam ads, price lists, etc. included in the package.

Free download version:

We never expected to remove The User-Friendly Home from the web. But after 5 years, not one single person ever used the Paypal contribute button to help support this public service – despite the thousands of downloads each month (15,000+ during busy months). So regrettably, we have had to remove most of the free downloads (three articles – 1S, 4A, and 9E – still are free, for these deal with global warming, sanitation, and other issues affecting the public good. We sincerely regret the inconvenience.

These files are copyrighted. Distribution by email,  posting on the web, or burning to CD, is strictly prohibited.  Homexam splits court awards and out-of-court settlements 50%-50% with those who notify us of violation of our copyright (our last lawsuit was settled for $3000, plus fees - your share would have been $1500). If you know of someone who you believe to be distributing our copyrighted materials without our written permission, please send us an email to our address.

Your donation will help us continue offering the three articles highlighted below.

Chapter 1              Structure

1A            An Overview—Foundations

1B            Bricks and Masonry

1C            Common Concerns—Structure

1D            Drainage—Structural Implications (most important)

1G            General Information—Structures

1S              Site


Chapter 2               Exterior

2A            An Overview—Exterior

2C            Common Concerns—Exterior

2P              Paint—Exterior

Chapter 3              Roof

3A            An Overview—Roof

3C            Common Concerns—Roof


Chapter 4              Plumbing

4A            An Overview—Plumbing

4C            Common Concerns—Plumbing


Chapter 5              Electrical

5A            An Overview—Electrical

5B            Basic Electricity

5C            Common Concerns—Electrical

5E            Excessive Voltage Drop

5V            Voltage Problems

5W          Wiring—Aluminum vs. Copper


Chapter 6              Heating/Air Conditioning

6A            An Overview—Heat and Air Conditioning

6C            Common Concerns—Heat and Air Conditioning

6E            Exchangers, Heat and Combustion Concerns

6H            Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

6R            Resistance Heat

6W          Wood Heat


Chapter 7              Interior

7A            An Overview—Interior

7C            Common Concerns—Interior

7P             Paint and Paper


Chapter 8              Kitchen, Bath, and Utility

8A            An Overview—Kitchen, Bath, and Utility

8C            Common Concerns—Kitchen, Bath, and Utility


Chapter 9              Additional Information

9A            Asbestos

9B            Be Sure to Caulk

9C            Codes

9D            Diagnosing and Understanding Condensation

9E            Energy-Saving Tips

9F            Fire Extinguishers

9G            Gas

9H            Healthy, Safe House

9I             Invaluable Hints

9L            List for Seasonal Maintenance

9P            Probably Life and Replacement/Repair Costs

9R            Radon

9Y            Your Notes and Dealing with Contractors

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