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Homexam's Reference: A Unique Value to Home Inspectors

Why include The User-Friendly Home   with your Inspection Report

o.cOUR MISSION  Homexam strives to  provide a superior and distinctive reporting service to home inspectors and their customers, believing better service equals better business.

Our flagship publication, The User-Friendly Home, is an encyclopedic home guide which inspectors use for their own training and for giving to thousands of customers each year. Here's why!

  • It has more information than any other home book, covering all house systems and more. Its 1000+ pictures empower inspectors and homeowners to understand each situation better. Enhanced explanations help the homeowner to appreciate the implications of what is presented on their home inspection reports.

  • Because Homexam has incorporated the work of dozens of experts for their on-going contributions and editorial input, it is among the most accurate, up to date book of its type.   

  • By giving authoritative information in a reference book, inspectors can fully inform customers and yet are able to produce a brief, specific, immediate report.

  • A shorter report will shorten your preparation time.

  • Balanced disclosures which list advantages and identify good features, in addition to problems, are greatly appreciated by real estate agents.

  • Conscientious agents refer customers to inspectors who provide the best service. They are also likely to be loyal agents, sending you business for years.

  • Homexam's book can be used with any report.  Inspectors can use Homexam's new iReport in the Cloud www.MYiReports.com, or EZguide for Windows® software. There are also paper and pen forms to produce reports with references to the book or inspectors can merely circle in the paper book's Index the most important items for the customer to read. The digital version of the book offers customers Bookmarks and Search tools to find items from their report.

  • By giving a draft report and a book in the field, inspectors are entitled to ask for immediate payment.

  • The explanations of inspection possibilities sets realistic expectations for the homeowner. One inspector commented, "In part, it looks sorta like a giant disclaimer". Inspectors who have switched from other reporting systems typically report a reduction in complaints. It's likely that customers feel you are going the extra mile when you give them a book, and the goodwill you generate comes back to you as reduced complaints.

  • The book with inspector's business information will bring business for years. Customers are less likely to throw away a comprehensive guide than a stand-alone report. Inspectors who give books often hear attorneys, real estate agents, and other referral sources say, "I recommend your company because I want my clients to leave the inspection with something they will keep."

Unsolicited Endorsements and Reviews:

Homexam has been a well respected pioneer in the inspection industry for over 25 years. The book consistently has received glowing praise from literally hundreds of home inspectors, educators, real estate agents, and homeowners ever since its first publication in 1989.

Many training organizations use the book as a textbook. 

For many years, purchase of this book was a prerequisite for joining the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors.

It also served as the basis for the first certification test used by the National Association of Home Inspectors (the original 300 questions were written by Larry Reavis, Homexam's president). 

After Oregon required inspectors to pass a test, one inspector (Wayne Hueppelsheuser) kindly faxed Homexam a copy of a list of recommended texts he received from the testing officials, with their handwritten note "Wayne, buy this one & pass," with an arrow pointing to Homexam's User-Friendly Home . He also told us it was the best book he bought. 

Similarly, John Russell told us "I spent a bundle, but The User-Friendly Home was by far the best."

Finally, Ron Millstein of the Building Tech Bookstore told us he considers The User-Friendly Home to be the best book for training home inspectors. (see more "Endorsements" below)

    • "It knocked my socks off"--John Barber, former home inspector, Washington
    • "I truly am thrilled . . . if there is one book . . . that I would recommend to students . . . to prospective homebuyers and sellers, and to home inspectors, without any doubt it would be the Homexam book . . ."--Joseph Scaduto, author, and founder of the Society of Professional Real Estate Inspectors, uses material from the book as text for training home inspectors.
    • "I never imagined I'd use any text material except my own . . ."--Bill Ball, founder of the American Institute of Inspectors, uses material from the book as text for training home inspectors.
    • "Agents love it"--Ron Larson, inspector.

Premium Training for Home Inspector

This course is suitable for those with limited or considerable experience
 who who want to provide a superior home inspection service
 that creates appreciative customers.

Homexam training is anchored with organized and edited movies
with abundant animations in addition to live video.

This package includes the following (Details below)

• Homexam’s The User-Friendly Home 
      in binder and on flash drive
• Tips and Testers for Home Inspectors
• Workshop CD
• EZ-guide report writing software
• Great Inspectors Movies
• Homexam Inspection Movies, with Commentary
• Electrical Testers Movies
• Heating, AC, Ventilation (HVAC) Movies
• Structure Movies


 • Tips has information on electrical testers and moisture meters, marketing suggestions, and an abundance of other material that is not available elsewhere.

 • Workshop CD has a 150-page file of 500+ questions and answers, many with commentaries. It is a mini home inspection course in its own right, and almost all questions include references to the books included in this package or to documents that are readily available on the web. These items are similar to those found on various certification tests. (Homexam wrote the original certification exam for the National Association of Home Inspectors but none of those questions is included herein.)
Also on this CD are  paper-and-pen reporting forms,  flyers that you can print and use for marketing your service,  and a movie on how to avoid lawsuits

• Great Inspectors Movies show 6 inspections performed by 5 great inspectors. Over 12 hours of full-motion video on 10 CDs.

• Homexam Inspections  inclulde full-motion video, with in-depth explanations of  the inspector's procedures and use of the EZguide software.  Almost 11 hours.
EZguide Report Writing Software is an icon-driven complete reporting system that requires Microsoft Word 2000 or later. It is not time-limited, nor a dumbed-down demo. Jay Markanich, Bristol VA,  says, “I create narrative reports in 20 minutes with Homexam’s EzGuide.”  EzGuide tutorials are included and an updated version can be emailed upon request.

• Electrical Testers Movies explain when and how to use electrical testers.  Almost 5 hours, 6 CDs. 

• Heating, AC, and Ventilation Movies explain the technical details and inspection procedures for furnaces, boilers, gas burners, oil burners, and air conditioners, with a brief discussion of energy efficiency. About 7 hours on 4 CDs.

• Structure, With Sam Wood, PE shows how an expert engineer examines foundations and structures. About 6 hours on 5 CDs.


The movies require Windows Media Player 9 or later (a free download) running on a 700 mHz or faster computer.

When done, you can sell them on eBay. Just try that with a seminar! 


Some states, counties, and  individual municipalities now require inspector licensing, and a few require training by an approved school. In addition, most communities require a business license or registration. Check with your city hall and county courthouse. We recommend that you contact local authorities, an accountant, and a local attorney for help in setting up your business, and especially before using the sample inspection contract found in our Tips book.

Hands-on experience is needed and we urge you to conduct a number of mock inspections for friends.  In addition, Candidates of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI®) are elligible to participate in ASHI's Parallel Inspections training program in which experienced inspectors allow an inspector trainee to follow along. Some inspectors charge students for this service. Such training is highly recommended, and this course will enable you to benefit more from such training.

Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will pass any certification or licensing exam nor that you will be successful in your business. Regardless, you will gain much useful information and skill.

Why so inexpensive?

If this training package is so good, why don’t we charge more? Because we hope that you’ll give our book to each of your inspection customers. You are under no obligation to do so, but providing the extra service of giving an in-depth explanation for each item on the report probably will help you earn the trust of your customers, increase their appreciation, good will and future referrals. 

Homexam's Complete Training Package: $295 + $10 S&H: U.S. Priority Mail

California residents  add sales tax   7.75%. 


1000s of graphic images that you can insert into your reports, organized according to system, just like the organization of The User-Friendly Home. For example, image file names that begin with "1" are related to stucture; those that begin with "2" are related to exterior, etc. Some of the graphics are saved onto this DVD in two or even three formats so that usually you can find a format suitable for your reporting software.
   And what about those pictures that are not found on this DVD in the format required by your reporting software? No problem - just follow the links included in a file on this DVD to free or inexpensive image editing software that can save images in a variety of formats.
   The 1000+ pictures that are found in
The User-Friendly Home are included in this collection, and most are in color. Moreover, hundreds of additional pictures are included. Total price of this DVD with more than 3000 files:

1000 Graphics

only $99! (U.S. shipping free)

Wholesale Prices for The User Friendly Home  pages:

3 hole drilled, individually shrink wrapped, (binders not included)

1 - 15 books:     $15 ea. +  S&H                                         

16: $11.25 ea. + $16 S&H = $ 196.00                          

48: $11.00 ea. + $ 48 S&H = $ 576.00                          

96: $10.75 ea. + $ 96 S&H = $1128.00

192: $10.50 ea. + $192 S&H = $2208.00

200: please call for quantities not listed , 

                                   or other concerns.

16 books/ case.   Case prices include Fedex Ground Shipping