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OUR MISSION  Homexam strives to  provide superior and distinctive information service for home owners, home inspectors and other housing professionals.

For home owners, Homexam's reference book, The User Friendly Home©  covers all house systems of structure, exterior, roof, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, interior and more.  It's extensive descriptions, explanations, drawings and photos help your understanding. Learn what you need to know about preventing and correcting problems, working with professionals, choosing products and finding further help. Easy to understand and yet considered one of the most authoritative books in the industry, it is used by many institutions for training home inspectors. Being informed can help you avoid expensive and troublesome conditions in your home.

Because Homexam has incorporated the work of many experts for their on-going contributions and editorial input, it is among the most comprehensive and accurate, up-to-date books of its type.

With an extensive referencing system, readers can find a particular article number, an indexed item, phrase or bookmark. 

Knowledge is power.  Be the Master of your Home.



Homexam has been a well respected pioneer in the inspection industry for over 25 years. The book consistently has received glowing praise from literally hundreds of home inspectors, educators, real estate agents, and homeowners ever since its first publication in 1989.

“I truly am thrilled with the text…the most comprehensive. If there is one book…that I would recommend to homebuyers, sellers and home inspectors, without any doubt, it would be the Homexam book by Larry Reavis.”
 Joseph Scaduto, author and founder of the Society of Professional Real Estate Inspectors, uses it to train inspectors at several universities on the east coast.

“No one is even close…solid and specific data…

 Sam Wood, Professional Engineer, instructor, foundation expert, and home inspector.

“I am very excited to see all the information you provide, and how comprehensive it is. . . .happy that every time a question pops into my head, I find an understandable complete answer. I have a strong feeling your book is about to become my home inspection bible…Thank you.” Jorge L. Chalgub, home inspector

“Great material. The User-Friendly Home is the best book I have come across anywhere and the source I go to when I need to know the right answer.

 Paul Parisien, home inspector

"It knocked my socks off"--John Barber, former home inspector, Washington

A Great Gift for any Home Owner

The User Friendly Home: paper version in 3 ring binder,
color tab dividers for each system
includes the digital version (pdf format) on flash drive; requires Adobe Reader: 
allows  zoom, color, bookmarks, thumbnail and search functions.

$39.95   (plus $11 S&H  U.S. Priority Mail)


The User Friendly Home: paper version, 3 hole drilled, no binder
$20.00  includes Priority Mail

The User Friendly Home: digital version (pdf format) on flash drive; 
requires Adobe Reader: allows zoom, color, bookmarks, thumbnails and search .
$20.00  includes First Class Mail

The User Friendly Home: paper version, 3 hole drilled, no binder 
and  the digital version (pdf format) on flash drive; 
requires Adobe Reader:  allows  zoom, color, bookmarks, thumbnail and search.

$29.95  (plus $5 S&H U.S. Priority Mail)